Welcome to Bokhara Pet Resort & Spa
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Providing a clean, safe and healthy vacation environment for your pet

Our trained and caring staff welcome your very large, or very small pet or your older pet - all furry friends
can relax and play in comfortable accommodations at Bokhara Pet Resort & Spa.....your pet's vacation home away from home!

WE USE NO CRATES FOR BOARDING ANY OF OUR DOG GUESTS BUT PLEASE KNOW THAT FOR THE LARGER DOGS WE ARE WHAT IS CONSIDER MORE LIKE A NORMAL PET LODGING FACILITY. We are an all indoor/outdoor facility with inside sleeping areas and outside patio areas. The outdoor patio areas are accessed from each individual indoor sleeping area through a flap pet door to the outside patio. Pets have free access to the outdoors daily from 7:45am-10:00pm at which time the doors are closed for the night to keep the pets indoor and warm in the wintertime. We do have limited play groups for the larger dogs, but our SMALLWORLD dog are in play groups during the day.  If your small dog isn't social, not a problem for we have special playtimes just or those shy or unsure dogs. 

What We Provide: Luxury Dog & Cat Lodging, Doggie Daycare, All-Breed Pet Grooming, and Supervised Buddy Playgroups (for the small dog).  What We’re About: Compassion, Comfort, and Safety!  We are a GREEN facility using only healthy natural dog foods, no chemicals or ingredients that will harm the environment or your pet.

The Perfect Facility for your large to very large pet......  With our extra large, spacious indoor & outdoor patio suites, plus our outdoor grounds to roam and romp in with one-on-one with our staff.  Your large (or multiple pets) will feel right at home in our accommodations for multiple family pets sharing an enclosure.

"SmallWorld - for the Tiny Tots" a Special Indoor Wing.... For the very small pet we provide a special area separate from our normal indoor/outdoor patio accommodations. Small guests have their own private outdoor exercise area and are in play groups during the daytime hours.
More SmallWorld Information.... 


Important Information About Our Guest Enclosures  We understand that people have different ideas about what kenneling a dog is all about.  Our facility offers your pet larger than standard accommodations and we provide an assortment of varying size and types of enclosure suites.  We DO NOT USE ANY CRATES OR CAGES FOR OVERNIGHT BOARDING for every guest has their own private inside or indoor/outdoor area with access to the outdoor patio areas. 

90% of our larger dog enclosures have 4' block wall dividers on the inside sleeping area to ensure the privacy of the pet while resting. 10% of our larger dog enclosures do not have a block privacy wall dividing the enclosure and are normally used for the multiple pet families where the pets are not to be boarded together because of their different ages, medications or feeding habits.  These enclosures give pets the ability to see each other whether inside or outside so the special needs can be handled efficiently while boarding.

Each Bokhara Pet Resort guest has their very own private sleeping accommodation for we never allow a guest to become intimidated by being forced to interact with other strange dogs within their own private space! Our policy is not to co-board guests unless they belong to the same family.

Our Feline Guests - Kitty Cottage Our feline guests are lodged in a completely separate building away from all of our dog guests.  The Kitty Cottage is in a quaint 1890's cottage used just for the enjoyment of our feline guests.











Our Grounds & Facility: We are a GREEN Facility  Once you drive down our long wooded driveway and step through the door at Bokhara, your experience will begin with a smile, a friendly face, and when you leave, you will leave with the satisfaction of knowing your pet was in loving and caring hands. Bokhara Pet Resort & Grooming Spa is located on 14 acres of lush pine forest, with manicured lawns and flower gardens. Bokhara has spectacularly beautiful and spacious grounds on the very shore of Elk Lake where our pet guests can hike and swim with their very own personal playmate who, at your direction, will provide personal one-on-one activity sessions with your pet - everything from his favorite exhausting games to quiet hugs and cuddles. Owners who are staying in the area are welcome to come and use our grounds to exercise their own pets - this is very popular in the summer time where a family takes their dog to our beach for a few hours each day. Bokhara Pet Resort & Grooming Spa is located on 14 acres of lush stately pine and maple forest, with manicured lawns, and 300' of private Elk Lake beach front. We are proud of our commitment to maintaining a lovely facility for our pet guests and their owners to enjoy.




Security:  Our boarding facility is double fenced outside so that boarding guests may not leave the facility, and also so unwanted guests may not get into the facility.  Our outer perimeter fencing is from ground to roofline for the added security and protection.  Gates are locked at all times and fire detection equipment is in place. The facility owners reside on the grounds and bed checks are conducted each evening after the staff have left.  We are very proud of our services and client satisfaction as pet care providers. The health, safety and welfare of your pet is as important to us as it is to you! 

  • all of our pet guests are treated as individuals.

  • have their own private individual accommodations with indoor/outdoor patio access.

  • their own diets - please review our Pet Diet policy.

  • providing refrigeration and heating of any special diet needs or medication storage.

  • their own personal playtimes (optional).

  • care is taken to see that each guest is as happy as possible, comfortable, eating, and eliminating properly.

  • all pets receive raised Kundura sleeping cots with double fleece bedding.

  • we are a GREEN facility - no harsh chemicals to harm your pet or the environment.

  • puppies who are so very active have loads of extra attention to keep them entertained.

  • the reserved pet will receive plenty of gentle petting and sweet talk and may need our special indoor boarding area.

  • all of our guests will receive love, affection and plenty of kisses.

  • please see  Our Rates & Requirements for the admission of guests.

  • boarding reservations are appreciated and essential for holiday & peak periods.

  • for your convenience - special check in or out times on the actual date of all holidays between 9am - Noon.

Grooming & Bathing  After a stay that includes lots of fun and play, we’ll send your dog home looking their best and smelling fresh!
We offer a selection of grooming and bathing services through our grooming salon and can schedule an appointment for you that coincides with your pet’s departure. 
Why may my dog need a bath before coming home? Boarded pets do not stay as clean as they do at home for several reasons. Dogs are very active in the kennel and are normally exercised on concrete, not grass or gravel which helps them stay cleaner but is impossible to disinfect. Although our staff is vigilant in scooping and cleaning, dogs may soil their feet and coat. Longer coated breeds will become more soiled than shorter coats but to ensure a happy and sweet smelling homecoming, both should have a bath prior to going homeWe use Detergent Free grooming products, safe for your pet and for the environment.

Fun Activities Program Boarding dogs do enjoy the fun of Bokhara's activities!  Sign up for our Individual Play Time sessions. These extra activities provide additional exercise, promote social skills, wellness and will decreases stress levels. On inclement days a jog on our doggie treadmill is just what your pet would enjoy.

Wildlife CrittersOur grounds are filled with wildlife which will catch the attention of our visiting guests (and their owners). It is not uncommon to see deer, a flock of 8+ wild turkeys (and babies), gaggles of geese & mallards, the occasional evening raccoon, hopping bunny rabbits (and babies), and many varieties of squirrels & chipmunks while on a nature walk throughout our beautiful grounds.  Our many bird feeders attract a lovely assortment of colorful birds for our enjoyment (as well as yours).  All of our Nature Woods Walks and Hikes are on-lead through the stately white pine forest which lines the driveway into our resort.  Our playtime sessions are off lead within our multiple fenced areas where pet guests can play frisbee or Tball with their assigned PetPal. 

For Those Special Needs Pets  We provide a secure and special area just for those pets with "special needs". A section just for those pets who are not as comfortable within our normal pet care accommodations. Whether your pet is blind, deaf or has a disability, our special needs area is just right for that pet.  Please feel free to discuss all special requirements with us when you make your reservation and we will do everything to make sure your pet is taken care of and provided for per your instructions. Our local vet is only 2 minutes away and provides 24/7 emergency services.


The following is a sampling of special needs that can be accommodated at no additional charges:

  • Medications (no diabetic pets accepted - no insulin injections are given)

  • Supplements & Special Medications

  • Special meal preparations (refrigeration or cooking)

  • Extra feeding times

  • Food from home

  • Water from home

  • Treats from home

  • Raised Sleeping Beds W/Double Fleece Bedding

  • Special Accommodations geared just for those with extra needs

  • Pet Grooming for your special needs pet can be accomplished outside of our normal busy grooming times.

    If additional services are to apply, we will need to discuss with you the following areas:

  • Special handling care for those requiring additional attention (depending up the requirements could be charged a bit more than the standard boarding rate).

  • Geriatric care (may have additional charges depending upon the amount of additional care).

  • Daily brushing (depending upon the coat & condition of that coat)

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